31 October 2011

8 new magazines I'm drooling over right now!

Belle Editor, Neale Whitaker recently confessed to having a "senior moment" after wrongly telling his Twitter followers that the December/January issue went on sale last Monday! But it's officially on sale today, and happened to be in my (I almost just wrote inbox!) mailbox today, along with Lucky's October issue and Inside Out's Christmas issue. Recognize the home on the cover? I did! I did!

Here's a clue:

Yes! It's Mark Tuckey and Luella Potter's (the accompanying editorial - styled by Louella herself - is di-viiine)! You may remember I blogged about the house back here and you can see what it looked like when they bought it here. I also blogged about their beautiful Melbourne terrace here.

Also doing the rounds are: Lucky (I only just read September!), House Beautiful, Madison, Architectural Digest (peek inside Ellen and Portia's Beverly Hills mansion here!) and Elle Decor! Phew!

Can we have 8 days in the week already?!

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