03 June 2011

THAT New York Times article: The aftermath

I received two emails during the night - This one from Lonny at 2.31am (AEST):

And this one from Rue at 5.57am (AEST):

Have you read the article yet? It seems to be causing quite an online stir, prompting the brilliant Grace Bonney of (freshly redesigned) Design Sponge to post "Design Online: A Response to the NY Times Story on Online Magazines". PS It's "3,300+ words" long. And you just have to have to HAVE TO read it.

As @MatchbookMag tweeted only hours ago, Grace's article subsequently gave Katie and Jane of Matchbook "the courage" to post "A Letter to our Readers" on the Matchbook blog yesterday. 

Both are well worth a read. 

I think I share the sentiment of many when I say that the original article made a many valid points and was, as I mentioned yesterday, an insightful read. As for comparing online magazines to print magazines? Well I'm not sure that's entirely fair. We're not paying $7.95 for each issue of an online magazine, and many of the staff work (if only initially) for no pay. ONLINE MAGAZINES ARE FREE.

That reminds me - The June 2011 issue of Matchbook magazine (with Shoshanna Gruss, aka "Jerry Seinfeld's ex" on the cover) is live! Click to read


  1. Thanks for the link. Grace said everything so well and covered a range of issues that needed to be discussed. I hope the NYT writer got a read of the article too. And thanks for the Matchbook link...

  2. Thanks for the great re cap Louise! I saw the article but completely missed all of the follow ups! xo

  3. This completely past me by. I only skimmed the original article but after your insistence went back and found it to be a great read, along with all the follow up.

  4. Thanks Louise - really interesting article. The whole world is turning as the older traditional media works out what to do with the new interactive social media. Just have to look at print newspapers and how they have had to adjust/compete.

  5. Thanks Lou.
    It's a hot topic for sure and so many chefs stirring this brew..

    I too thought there were some great insights in the original article but didn't care much for the undertone. Also, I genuinely felt surprised that an iconic publication like NYT would sink to that level. It almost felt tabloid-ish and I guess expected more..

    I also sensed an unease in the tone. Envy perhaps that these young 'nobodys' would be able to create such cult movement amongst a group of readers other (conventional) media are dying to get their paws on..
    It is commonly known that a lot of the biggies are dying to get onto digital platforms but are struggling with the 'how'. A testament to this is of course the number of blogs attached to big glossies. Another is the way the magazines continuously offer online galleries for bloggers to tap into..
    When I worked in the brand creation business we'd call this kind of approach 'steal stock'. A brilliant marketing strategy that always delivers awareness, wide spread reach through w.o.m. and interest.

    All of this said. It will be interesting to see how it all panes out.

    x C


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