18 May 2011

Mad about blue: 12 (swoony!) images to inspire and delight

Every now and then, a blog post is completely inspired, and based around, 1 image. And this delightful image (below) was the picture-perfect "culprit", in this case. Enjoy!

(above) House & Garden May 2011, styled by ex-Real Living Deputy Editor, Natalie Walton.

(above) Sylvana Ward Durrett - "I am obsessed with this Givenchy turquoise tote—as every Vogue girl knows, one MUST have color in their wardrobe." Via US Vogue's 5 Days 5 Looks 1 Girl series (which is a mandatory visual-rummage for all self-confessed "fashionistas", by the way).

(above) A Table Tonic Mexican throw and Table Tonic Ikat cushions.

(above) High-gloss living by Christina Murphy Interiors.

(above) Blue Table Tonic Juju Hat, $650.

(above) Positive affirmation via Styleswoon.

(above) Beautiful things via Sydney Stylist Briar Stanley's gorgeous blog, Sunday Collector.

(above) Elle Decor knows how to bring the blue.

(above) A few of my favourite things- Audrey, THE blue chair, a sheepskin throw.

(above) Architectural Digest, June 2011 (a lovely issue!).


  1. Louise the first image with the black and white striped awnings drew me in and then add the bright pop of turquoise, Perfection. I just did a post on adding charm to the outside of your home and this color would be amazing for those that had no fear of color, Kathysue

  2. Gorgeous inspiration! I just Love the blue door! xo

  3. I love all these photos! Great post! I love your dog - that's a perfect picture!

  4. you know what I love the most above the top picture? how they've painted the door screen/bars blue too! they're usually such an eyesore but sometimes a necessity

  5. The first picture with the blue door and striped awning really caught my attention too when I saw it in H & G. Makes me want to paint something blue!

  6. glad you liked the first 2 shots. thanks for the lovely comments. natalie

  7. Thanks for the lovely mention Louise, what a compliment - I have added your cool banner to my sidebar! x


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