07 May 2011

A glimpse into my "today": Saturday May 7th, 2011

Jasper-Tonic lost his other front tooth yesterday! And just quietly, I think Mr Tonic is having his way with the tooth fairy - she keeps leaving $20 behind!! Mr Tonic took this photo on his iPhone this morning - so pleased he's taking my street style photography advice on board.


  1. What a cute grin! I'm sure you will have a fabulous mothers day.

  2. Boy, I must be getting old, I remember when a tooth was worth just 50 cents!

  3. Gees the tooth fairy's pretty cashed up these days.. I got a gold coin for a front tooth and the rest were only worthy of silver coins!

  4. The fairy at your place is more generous than at mine! Only golden goodness around here.....

    Have a happy mothers day tomorrow!


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