19 April 2011

A (very brief!) day in the life: 19.04.11

Oh my goshness, so so SO flat out today for some reason! This is as much as I can give you today - Hopefully it will tide you over for a while!! The threads (aka having a bit of fun with clashing prints and purple-y violets...):

geren ford knit / lee matthews dress / vintage lace slip / marc jacobs bag

Oh, and PS The ridiculously beautiful Natural Brown Table Tonic Juju Hats are back in (limited) stock! 


  1. That dress looks gorgeous! You have such a great collection of marc jacobs bags! Hope you get the much needed rest :) x anastasia at decor is like butter

  2. Love the print on your dress, I love the way you mix unexpected pieces together and make them work brilliantly!
    Tomorrow's post is on fashion inspirations if you would like to check it out, take care lovely xx

  3. I love the purple Marc Jacobs bag! It is such a fun color!


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