06 April 2011

Have you heard...?

Country Road's Winter Twenty Eleven" collection is fresh in stores now, and if you haven't signed up for a Country Road loyalty card yet, you're a bloody idiot you really ought to. As of today, they've started one of their famed "spend & save" promotions - $50 off when you spend $150 and $100 off when you spend $300. Yah. But you must be a cardholder, Tonic-ettes! Offer ends 25 April. Thank me later.

PS Click here to shop CR online! PPS I'm rather lusting over the "Beth Brogue Boot"... Mmmm.


  1. Louise I just love the Country Road member sales. I think it is the only time I buy. Well...maybe not, but hubby wishes it was the only time :)

  2. Avid Country Road buyer here. I go crazy on the kids clothes.
    You have done a beauty post so I think you definitely need to do some fashion posts I always love your links to your buys.


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