23 April 2011

A day in the life: 23.04.11

The portrait:
 dita spactacles / vince knit / table tonic Union Jack cushion

The obligatory calories:
La Banette (read about them here) hot cross buns. ridic-sticks.

 The architecture: 
Mr Tonic (aka The Architect) has officially measured up our house and begun redrawing it. Did you spot the pool!?!? Note to self: Buy lotto ticket.

The dinner:
Mr Tonic is cooking this again tonight, but with veal osso bucco, instead of oxtail (which I find a little "eeeuw"). Best recipe ever. We are both extremely thankful I blogged the recipe, as we have no idea where it originally came from!

The bribe: 
Angelic, isn't she? Have a guess what I had to say to get this photo? I'll give you a clue: Starts with: "I'll be your best friend...".


  1. Oooh, the house plans, how EXCITEMENT! Nicolex

  2. Louise love the specs, you my dear are a doll and you little angel is just that a little angel baby doll!!! Enjoy your meal and your darling family, Kathysue

  3. Those hot cross buns look delish! And your little girl is just gorgeous! Have a lovely Easter Louise! xo anastasia

  4. LOVE the plate hot cross buns area on....deets? X

  5. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!!

    xoxo Laura

  6. I'm loving those specs to death!!!

  7. Anonymous - I picked up the plate for about $2 at a Vinnes/Salvos store about a year back!

  8. definitely love the specs!
    food, architecture, and a little angel - sounds like a good day to me.


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