14 March 2011

Table Tonic's week(end) in review...

1. Just say "faux": We skipped off to the nursery on Saturday (a sure sign you're getting old) and I just had to pap the (many!) artificial flower arrangements on display. Kind of an irony, but there you go. PS Flower Power Belrose, incase you were wondering.

2. $540 later... Even Jasper-Tonic's eyes widened when he heard the nice man say: "That'll be $540, sir"(!). Ouch. And here it is - Mr Tonic's ute, loaded up with tropical-style goodness.

3. Those bubbly S&B girls: I have the Sunday papers to thank for alerting me to another dazzling pair of ensembles, rocked by the Sass & Bide girls, this time at a dinner celebrating nominations for the "Veuve Cliquot 2012 Business Woman of the Year". The event was hosted by Bistrode in Sydney's Surry Hills, the room styled by none other than Sibella Court.

4. Still on the Sunday papers, a couple of Table Tonic Ikat cushions got a lovely mention in the Herald's Sunday Life supplement

5. Folding, schmolding: I positively loathe doing the folding. (And why do children's clothes always end up inside out? What is that?) Hey, at least Audrey scores a comfy bed out of it!

6. Swatch this space: Finally bought the paint for the feature wall(s) in Anoushka's new room. I'm going to paint the wall behind THE Spice Racks, as well as the BIG BLANK WHITE wall behind her bed head (to the right of the gallery wall). And thank heavens the paint counter at Bunnings was so poorly staffed, when I got home, the colour I was going to get was waaay too dark! I revised the colour that night, and in the morning, revised it again. The amount of natural light affects everything. Don't rush those paint colours, Tonic-ettes! PS Can you guess which one I chose?


  1. I can't get over how fab the faux flower arrangements look! Good luck with the painting, can't wait to see pics :) Nicolex

  2. Hmmm....Im guessing the Peach Orchid? but they are all smashing! I had heart failure for a minute because I read it as if you spent $540 on artificial flowers..and I thought..what tha?
    You've got to visit Eden gardens in North Ryde..a fun place for the mini tonics to discover :)


  3. I would pick Peach Orchid....or if you decided to go light...it would be Frosty Melon!
    As for the plants...that's the best 540 dollars you ever spent...plants are one investment that keeps on giving!! xx meenal

  4. Hello, I am in awe of all these beautiful flowers, Adorable:) I am your newest follower, as I would love to see what you get upto next. Have a look at my blog, maybe you like it back.
    A xx

  5. I like Peach Orchid, but my fave is Tahitian Sunset. I do like the Gravlax? but it might be a bit bright but then again the orange of A's bed is bright and the two are as intense as each other.

    Sandy K

  6. I always forget how expensive plants can be! Love those colours the Sass & Bide girls are wearing. My pick of your paint colours would be frosty melon but they make a gorgeous combo all together :)

  7. those plants are beautiful - I'm hoping to find some fake peonies at some point. the real ones just don't last...

    sweet salmon?

  8. Ha! Garden nurseries are my favourite places to visit :) I love Anoushka's room, did you make the crochet blanket?? Love it. And her pillow case! And the cushions..and the poufs!... and and!

  9. I say peach fuzz...i'm painting my daughter's room pink....so the lighter the better!

  10. I just found your blog, and I LOVE it! Thanks for the inspiration.


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