10 March 2011

Stylish Homes: Bridal designer Henry Roth

Aussie bridal designer Henry Roth shows off his Modernist family home (it's his childhood home!) in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, in the March 2011 issue of Australian InStyle. And it's. Just. Perfect. Have a squizzle:

The March 2011 issue of Australian InStyle is on sale now (and it's a beauty!).


  1. I want this house! I'm ready to pick up and move. Oh, and I need his glasses too.

  2. Imagine growing up in a home like that! Woohoo! You would have to be creative as an adult as a result. Stunningly timeless.

  3. What a classic gem, it's not possible that house could date.

  4. Just beautiful and timeless....so many furniture classics!!thanks for sharing, Louise!! xx meenal

  5. I'm really starting to love and appreciate this type of style, I never realised how cool it is. Such a beautiful house xx

  6. what a gorgeous house!

    i do think it would be weird living in your childhome home as an adult though - it would be very hard to make changes and distance yourself emotionally as everything would have memories embedded in it.


  7. Alecia- he doesn't live there.


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