24 March 2011

The one picture that inspired our living room

I remember bookmarking this gorgeous page in a magazine years ago - I think it was originally published in Vogue Living (or possibly Inside Out... Anyone?). Anyway, after seeing it I could not get the idea of a floor to ceiling mirrored wall out of my head. We were renovating our Federation house at the time, and it went straight to the top of my "Pleeease, Mr Tonic???" list. Renovations always go over budget, but I begged that we keep this feature, despite the imminent "blowout".

And we did! Costly, sure but some things have a good "cost vs impact" ratio, and this was one of them. In the middle of the picture below (these photos are from the real estate campaign when we sold our house!), you can see the mirrored wall - it really opens up the room.

Not only that, but it reflected the outside greenery back into the living area, along with bucketloads more natural light, which made it a very worthwhile "investment"!

A floor to ceiling mirrored wall is definitely something to consider if you're wanting to open up a small space and looking for "wow" factor at the same time. Here are a few more (rather fabulous!) examples:

(above) Bevelled mirror wall at W Hotel residence, Hollywood by Alissa Sutton Interiors

(above) Fashion Designer Matthew Eager's Potts Point studio, as featured in the July/August 2006 issue of Vogue Living. PS There's also a great article on "The Benefits of Mirrored Walls" here. PPS Mini Tonic Jasper turns 7 tomorrow. Seven! Can't quite believe it...


  1. A friend of mine had one whole mirrored wall in her living room and the rest of the walls were covered in toile...can't tell you the gorgeous drama it always created besides visually expanding the room..i don't have a mirrored wall..but lots of mirrors..including a 7' high vertical mirror in my dining room...
    A big hug to your little big boy on turning '7'!!xx meenal

  2. lovely! now that first photo is going in my inspiration file. happy birthday Jasper.

  3. I love it! So seamless, and you're right what an impact! Nicolex

  4. Always loved Matthew Eager's apartment - so clever in such a small space. My eldest 'baby' turns 8 tomorrow so here's to cupcakes and a stampede of children! Annie x.

  5. Great inspiration photos! I always look to your blog photos for inspiration. You have such fabulous taste and great personal style! Thanks, as per usual!

  6. Your old house was gorgeous. Love the dark floors. Agreed the mirrors definitely create a nice sense of space in the room. Gorgeous.

  7. Always love me some mirror ~ big is best, small will do at a pinch, lots is fabulous. Very clever use of it in your last house ~ works brilliantly. Those dark floors are quite fab too ~ what were they?

    My current house has lots of bevelled mirror walls all over the place {the original 1970s ones} and it is one of the reasons why I love my house for it's quirky eccentricity. So much glamour!

  8. I'm loving walls of antiqued mirror tiles, but so spensey! You'll find me down in the shed with bottles of chemicals, rubber gloves and a mad glint in the eye...


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