19 March 2011

16 bookmark-worthy sites I (only) discovered this week


  1. I still couldn't believe my eyes when I see my blog being mentioned up there! I am beyond excited now! To have validation from someone as successful as yourself is such an honor and it only motivates me to do better in the future! This blog entry really brightens up my day and make me smile. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Thank you! Thank you so much!

    P/S: On an unrelated note, my blog also has the above picture in this post:http://www.mixandchic.com/2011/03/making-bold-statement-with-african.html

    What a happy coincidence! :)

  2. thanks for the links louise..i'll be checking them out over the weekend!! have a good one!! xx meenal

  3. Well I thought I was up early on a Saturday morning, but you must have posted this at 5.30 this morning! Wow! Do you ever sleep? No wonder you fit so much into your busy life.

    I was going to spend the next hour working on a landscape plan for a project I am working on, but now I will just have to go and check out all your lovely links! I reckon there will be a treasure or two in there!

    Have a lovely golden~lit weekend.

  4. My THANKS for these great links is a double-edged sword because I while away SO MUCH time meandering through them when I should be doing something else! Oh well, what are weekends for? Have a great one, Nicolex

  5. Thank you so very much for mentioning my blog!!! You are so kind to even stop by and take notice. If my iPhone design wins, you will definitely be getting your very own. I will let you know when the voting begins!

    <3 Emily

  6. ok, so about a MILLION readers are dropping by my site...why? because of you! thank you!

    i just wished i'd written something good for them!


  7. Thanks for these my friend. You always dish these out so generously.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    x Charlotta

  8. Wow thank you for putting us in that list amongst so many other amazing labels & blogs! (Never been in a list with Sass&Bide before!! Woo!)

    So lovely find such an influential blog spreading the love!

    Come visit if you're ever in Byron! X Lizzy

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