08 July 2010

"Why I loved the Parker Palm Springs" by friend-of-Table-Tonic, "B"

It's not often these days that you'll find me on Facebook. Nothing against it, but when time is of the essence, somethings gotta give - for me, it's Facebook. But imagine my delight, when I checked in the other day, only to see glorious images of The Parker Palm Springs hanging out on the homepage. Yes! I officially have a (very lucky) friend who has stayed at the Parker! "B", who currently resides in the Napa Valley (again, lucky!), has very kindly let me share some of her happy snaps with you all, so enjoy! PS Thanks "B"! PPS A couple of months back, I featured The Parker on Table Tonic. Take a look.

(below) "Breakfast and lunch at Normas. I will be taking up crochet to make the placemats!"

(below) "Amazing landscaping with butterfly chairs. Love."

(below) "The pool was a must since it was 46 degrees when we stayed. Drinks delivered by staff wearing sunny yellow to match the umbrellas and the lemonade stand nearby."

(below) "The Spa. Beautiful! Designed like a yacht club. The staff great you with a ‘Welcome Aboard’ every time you enter. The bathrooms have portholes."

(below) "Breeze blocks, I think I need some."

(below) "Mr Parkers Restaurant. Yummy French food and with wines under the categories ‘Crazy, cool & sexy’"

(below) "A bit of an OMG moment during our Mid Century Modern Tour. This is Tom Carnase who quietly told me he was a graphic designer. Turns out he designed Avant Garde typeface!!! AND he had the coolest house!" 



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