23 July 2010

UPDATE: The latest on the "Sold Out" Moroccan Pouffes

Now this was a sight I had been yearning to see since April. On my dining room floor on Tuesday morning - a fresh bunch of Moroccan Pouffes, a spangly new Moroccan wedding blanket and see those wedding blanket-y things down the bottom left? They're ENORMOUS (fractionally bigger than a standard pillowcase) rectangular cushion covers made from vintage Moroccan wedding blankets. And if I hadn't left my camera here, in the Blue Mountains (grrr), they would be up on the store already.... 

I've had a lot of enquiries about when the tan, fuschia and lilac pouffes will be back in stock. Here's the deets: In 3-4 weeks, I'll be getting another order, including more tan & lilac (not much fuschia though), plus 2 positively edible new colours - apple green, and pastel pink, and then in about 4-6 weeks, I'll be adding burnt orange and chocolate brown to the mix! If you'd like to be notified the minute a certain colour arrives, simply drop me an email (there's an "EMAIL" button thingy up there on the left under the pink circle).


  1. Hi Louise - have followed your blog for awhile but never commented :) Just wanted to congratulate you on one of your gorgeous poufs being featured on front cover of Real Living, as soon as I picked it up I noticed it and said that's from Table Tonic!! I have a white one on my birthday wishlist for my boyfriend to buy me lol Have a lovely day, Emma x

  2. Hi Louise!
    Moroccan wedding blanket cushions??? Oh!
    I can't find them on your online store though? Have they sold out?


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