25 July 2010

Table Tonic: The week in review

Things I loved this week:
1.The pouffes arrived. The pouffes arrived. The pouffes arrived. I wanted to marry the fact that the pouffes arrived.

2. My lovely bloggy friend, Son over at Tied with a Bouw has, quite possibly, the chicest apartment on earth! I am honoured to have my pouffes take pride of place in her glorious abode, all the way over there in Kuala Lumpur. She posted some pics on Wednesday - Check it:

3. Found some fun blogs/websites this week (who knew I needed more ways to waste time!):
lolsnaps: Funny/amazing/amusing pictures, quotes, videos with a healthy element of "moronic" thrown in. Set aside at least an hour.
hither & thither: The (visually pleasing) musings of Manhattan-based Aron (completing a surgical residency at NYU) and Ashley (an editor and freelance writer).
fashionfoodfatale: "Cuisine & couture to kill for". My two favorite things - what's not to like?!
16house: Fellow Aussie, Mandy's "scrapbook of all things that inspire me... art, interiors, magazines, design, film, theatre, food, people, photography ..... the list goes on".
honestlywtf: "A daily dose of fashion discoveries and inspirations, contributed by a stylist and a designer who both see the world through rose-colored shades." Below is an image of some fabric they dyed using the shibori technique. Beautiful, huh? PS Follow the girls @honestly_wtf on Twitter.

Quote of the week #1: "Sometimes it's good to cut trees down or else we wouldn't have pencils." - Medium Tonic, Thursday, 3.40pm.
Quote of the week #2: "There would be homeless men sleeping under Wooloomooloo bridge who have undies in better condition than mine." - Mr Tonic on his hole-y Calvins, Wednesday, 8.32am.

Your turn. Loves? Loathes? I'm all ears...


  1. Love that I have one more week to go bf my vacation! Love that it's the weekend, Love that the sun is shining!

    Northern Light

  2. I love them in Son's apartment!! She is so sweet and they go so well in her home!

  3. AND I want to marry your amazing mention on the pouffes in our apartment! Thank-you SO much for the incredible write up... I am ecstatic and you are brilliant :)

    P.S Is there a trick to getting your images so big? When uploading pics I have the 'large' box ticked but they are no way near as bog as yours my dear...

  4. Hi Son, SO my pleasure! With the image size, I manually make all of mine 490 pixels wide. It's a bit fiddly getting the proportions right (since blogger wont let you drag the corner anchor points anymore!), but worth the effort. See what your template is set up for width-wise, and have a play. Good luck. Email me if you get stuck? x

  5. Thanks for the tip Louise! I'm not the best with all the ins and outs of blogger (my blog is in desperate need of some bouw-tox!) but I'll give it a go at some stage this week. And yes, I'll never be shy in asking for a helping hand :) x

  6. I too want to 'marry it' because of fab these pictures are! Gorgeous place - I am most envious of your KL friend.

    Love, I also feel for the zebra rug in pic 1. From your shop? If so how big and how much? x

    Thanks for all the links. Will check out.
    Love your posts.

    x C

  7. Lovely Charlotta - Did a post on the rug a while back - check it out:
    PS Cheap and cheerful!

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