24 July 2010

Giant paperclip radiators

Yes, you heard right! These giant paperclip radiators are by Italian heating company Sciroccoh ("Living the warm"). Those kooky Europeans! PS Found via one of my faves, Poppytalk. PPS How can it be the 24th of July already?! HOW??!

But wait there's still more! And from the same team that brought you the giant paperclip radiators, these - giant lego brick radiators. It's all very Alice in Wonderland, really...


  1. Hey Louise,

    I made you my Favourite blog Friday.

    Tracey x

  2. I need those giant paperclips to keep my visa bill together. and warm.

  3. completely love those! you may like one of these for your desk - x http://10rooms.blogspot.com/2010/05/at-west-end-rustic-and-recycled-home.html


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