21 July 2010

Busca Vida House, Brazil

Designed by André Luque in 2007, Busca Vida House is a fine example of why I am obsessed with Modernism. The fact that I'm married to an Architect could just be another. "The house was divided into two separate pavilions. The first pavilion, designed exclusively for the owner, has a suite, living room and dining room, a small kitchen, a pantry, storage and service area. The second one has three suites to receive friends." AS. YOU. DO. I stumbled upon this beauty on Arch Daily via Home Design Idea. Two architecture blogs that are so fab, they prompted me to start an "Architecture" blogroll (see it down there?). What do you think? Could you see yourself "receiving friends" here?

  Images via Arch Daily. Photography by Tarso Figueira and Luis Gomes.


  1. I love the indoor/outdoor feel the large glass doors provide and THAT pool. yes, please!
    Love your blog :)


  2. this is PERFECTION! i'm a little crazy about modern stuff too.

  3. I could definately receive people in this house. Receive them .. then kick them out as I lazed by the pool and dined under the stars. I love this home (-:


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