15 June 2010

Table Tonic: The week in review

What I loathed about last week:
1. Were there 17 public holidays last week? Because it felt like it. A toddler with disagreeable tonsils and an old lady turning 84 do not an enjoyable week make.
2. I don't like writing this bit, I've decided. Having always considered myself an eternal optimist and a positive person, the words "What I loathed", just don't sound... like me. Now I'm just procrastinating. Can you tell?
3. Might change it to "Worst bit about last week".
4. Yes. I like that better.
5. We up to number 5 already? Wow, that went quick!

What I loved about last week:
1. A long overdue catch up (and beef noodle soup!) with my good friend Dara. Who designs what can only be described as "fabulous" bathrooms. This is her website. This is her loverly bathroom-y blog.
2. Two of the most stunning Vintage Uzbekistani Suzanis
(black and white with sprinkles of Magenta) are making their way to the online store in the next few hours. Huge, bright and graphic. So yummy.
3. Got my new issues of Notebook and Vogue Living in the mail. Sneaky peaks to come. Happiness. (Cracker of a VL issue, by the way).
4. Having long admired the brilliant and beautiful Cameroon Juju Feather headdresses of the Bamileke tribe in Central Western Africa, I am beyond thrilled to now be selling them at tabletonic.com.au. Much like the Mexican Suzanis, every colour Juju is as breathtakingly beautiful as the next.
5. Shop til you Drop magazine featured a lovely couple of spreads on my home in their latest issue. Huge thanks to Amy, Paul and Fern for waving their magic wands to bring you this.
6. Sunday night dinner was leftover spinach & haloumi risotto, organic lamb sausages, a crisp salad with olive oil and lime juice dressing. And for dessert? We positively flattened a "net" of the most perfect passionfruit you could ever hope to lay your taste buds on. 

I bring you Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: I literally had to fight them 
for it, the little buggers (still wearing 
their tomato sauce mustaches):

Exhibit C: Just too cute for words. Poser.
Table Tonic

PS Oh, and I was asked to do guest posts on 2 of my favourite blogs, A Diary of Lovely and Sacramento Street! Woo-hooooo!


  1. Hi Louise,

    I've got a suggestion for a new name for your least liked parts of the week - how about "Things that challenged me."

    It's a bit more empowering and positive... by the way those are some might cute kids.

  2. mmmm passionfruit! The thought, sight, smell of passionfruit always makes my mouth water.

  3. ...I just had to see what "that picture" really was.... passionfruit! Of cause....
    Let me tell you; your kids are SOOO CUTE!

    Northern Light

  4. The VL issue is awesome! An absolutely brilliant issue. By far my favourite of the past year or so. As you said, an absolute "cracker" of an issue. I could not agree more. I'm seriously considering buying another copy so I can tear it to bits. Loved the free Milan Design Week DVD that came with the issue.

    BTW, I hope this week is better for you, the weather at least (on the East coast) has started off better than last week.

  5. An old lady turning 84. Sorry but sounds kind of rude. Is this your grandmother your talking about?

  6. Hi Anonymous - I was referring to the Queen of England, who recently turned 84, meaning we had a long weekend/public holiday here in Australia. Didn't mean to sound rude, but you're kind of right... Don't think HRH will mind though!

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