23 June 2010

Table Tonic Juju finds good home

One of my loveliest customers just sent me the following email: "Dear Louise, came home from work tonight to be greeted with my Juju hat. Just love it!!!! Had to put it up straight away... Can't wait for the sun to shine through in the morning to see it in natural light. Thanks again for such efficient service and amazing pieces."  She kindly attached some images of her new Off White Table Tonic Juju Hat in it's new home, and boy did I do a happy dance when she said I could share them with you all (she must have seen that one coming, right?). Doesn't she have incredible style? I can just sense an onslaught of comments on those silver globes of goodness...

Table Tonic


  1. *onslaught!* I die over those beautiful globes. What an amazing installation.

  2. Oh I have had Juju on the brain today..am going cuckoo for Juju...looks fantastic!

  3. ooohhh i just put one of those silver pendants in a clients dining room - they are to die for! As of course are your wares Louise ;)
    sal x

  4. Louise, I must have been hiding under a rock as I have only just discovered your beautiful blog. I am now your newest follower! I just love the Juju hat, and how fantastic does it look in your customers home. And where did she get those fantastic globes?

    Your store is filled with beautiful things - I will definitely be passing your details around! Look forward to your next post. Michelle

  5. Can we pleeeeease find out where those globes are from?

  6. ooh how pretty, must be nice seeing something from your shop in one of your readers homes :)

  7. Her framed tapa goes well with the Juju hat. Love it!

  8. perfection! the juju and the pendants. really wishing i had money to burn right now. or spend - that'd probably be better!! x

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