02 June 2010

Table Tonic at home: My favorite things

Missoni hand towel 
A recent gift from my parents, who brought it back from
my favourite shop
in Queensland's holiday haven, Noosa. Intended
for the bathroom, but too good to hide, I say. Break the rules, people!

Storage nooks
My definitely clever Architect husband designed a number
of these nifty storage nooks in our recently renovated kitchen.
And boy are they fun to tinker with!

Northbridge circa 1930
Whenever we visit Berry, on Sydney's South Coast, the monthly 
markets are an absolute must! This is our most recent purchase, 
a historical print of the glorious Northbridge, in Sydney's 
lower north shore suburb of the same name.

Zebra rug
Remember this post? Well here she is. The best $95 I ever spent
on a rug. The Buyster Out of Africa Novelty Rug, to be precise.
It aint a top seller for nothing, peeps!

Shells. Big ones!
If it never occurred to you to search eBay for shells? It should now.
I'd love to say I found these strolling along Bondi Beach,
but I didn't. All of them are eBay purchases!

Table Tonic


  1. Small world, I have this exact Missoni hand towel and bought it from Signature on Hastings earlier this year. I couldn't help myself and went back for a couple of black and white zig zag ones also. Great idea to use it in the kitchen, I hadn't thought to do that.

  2. That has to be the best kid's room I've seen for a very long time! Girly and sophisticated all at once.

  3. your home looks fantastic! we're getting a new kitchen soon, cant wait!!

  4. Aww, LOVE this room. And that rug... swoon! I wish they delivered to the U.S.

    Awesome blog. I just discovered you today!

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