12 June 2010

Sibella Court's etc: "The Best Designed Book of the Year"

A few weeks ago, one of my all time favorite Stylists (bonus points for being an Aussie!), Sibella Court, took out the top award at the Sydney Writer's Festival - "The Best Designed Book of the Year" (as well as "The Best Designed General Illustrated Book") for Etc. Enormous congratulations to Sibella, and if you've ever held a copy of Etc. in your hands, you'll know why it's so well deserved. If you haven't (tsk tsk), check it out next time you're in a bookshop. Or heck, buy it here.

PS You must, must, must check out the rest of the winners, including my personal favorite (winner of The Best Designed Fiction Book), A True History of the Hula Hoop.


  1. Sibella Court has such incredible style. She is an original, such a rarity.. will definitely grab a copy..

  2. I'm a proud owner of Sibella Court's book and just love, love, love it. Her book has a pulse.
    Fantastic news that she's won an award.


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