03 June 2010

Room of the week: Soothing neutrals

I'm thinking this is the image that put the "fabulous" in decofabulous. And notice how the 50's style timber chair in the foreground completely un-Martha-Stewart-ises the room? I'm a sucker for a good juxtaposition...


  1. yes yes yes yes! gawd im in love with it....

  2. I like the zebra rug on top of the sandy, rectangular rug. A different and effective approach.

  3. Love the layered rugs. Love the desk chair. Love the rock pillow. Love the large round candles. And the sleek coffee table? Guess what? I love that too! Definitely a Fabulous room!

  4. I love this room.. have been thinking about a big old lamp like that.... def saving this for inspiration! xx trina


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