23 June 2010

Rinekwall: Wallpaper with a difference

"Reach-out and-grab-it" photo-realist wallpaper from (California-based) Rinekwall. "Creative Engineer", John Rinek was a keen photographer from an early age, and went on to receive honors distinction in the art studio major at the University of California. Do you love it? Refreshingly different, I say.






  1. Wow....VERY different :) I don't think it would look any good in my home with my decor....but in the right room with the right pieces of furniture, I think this twist to wallpaper would look very cool :)

  2. I actually really like it! The first one looks a bit too 70's/james bond villan for me but I really like the Moorish and Wired. Thanks for sharing Louise, have a great day.

  3. I like the idea of it, and I like it up close, but in the shots of a whole wall...nup, it doesn't work for me. Have you seen Trove's wallpapers (particularly the peony one, name of which I forget)? They work up close and from afar and they are stupendously wonderful. I absolutely MUST have some, except that as with most things overseas that I absolutely must have, it's so damned hard to get it if you're in Straya.

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