24 June 2010

Lonny: A fair point...

"I think we are all in agreement that Lonny needs to give the bar carts, wallpapering every inch of a room, bookshelf shots and rehashing of previous issues in general a rest. Aren't we?"


  1. One of my blog commenters pointed out that this wallpaper has been hung upside down.

    Big OOPS!

  2. While the point MIGHT be fair, and we all have opinions, being articulate serves your point so much better............
    (after reading the entire post :) )

    Northern Light

  3. I've always thought those bar carts are a bit trashy. Americans seem to love them. Samantha always make Darren a martini after work in Bewitched, I always wondered why my parents didn't drink Martinis. I am glad they didn't they would have got plastered after one.

  4. A Barcart at my place is a total waste of space. Booze does not last long enough for storage.

  5. I know, I would rather set out a tray of drinks offered for the event. Louise everyone needs to break out of the box, we have seen so much, that it takesa lot to oooh and aahhh.

    Come and join my Giveaway!! it is from Pilow Mint.

    Art by Karena

  6. Hola Louise, I think the Juju hat is in a beautiful house at Desire to Inspire.


  7. Mary Anne from MelbourneJune 24, 2010 at 9:57 PM

    I love Lonny and its barcarts and wallpaper! It's the Domino/Lonny aesthetic.

    It's not necessarily my aesthetic but I read all different types of publications and it appeals to my more feminine side.

    Lonny is a free e-magazine and Michelle and Patrick work hard to give us inspiration. The kind I need especially since Domino and Blueprint folded.

    Also does it really matter if wallpaper is hung upside down????

    If you don't want to see bar carts and wallpaper, don't read Lonny.Personally I can't wait to see wallpaper and a bar cart in Nina Konig's new digs - hint, hint Michelle!

    Keep up the great work Louise!

    Mary Anne from Melbourne

    PS - Louise, Any good spreads in NZ - Your Home and Garden lately? It's one I don't subscribe to! :)

  8. Mary Anne - yes, yes, yes!
    More YHG to come soon!

  9. hi there louise. i feel so cool. to be quoted in general is kinda like what i feel like when i eat a delicious cupcake with at least 5 inches of frosting. to be quoted by YOU is like eating that cupcake only to find someone has also tucked a little fudgy brownie inside. in other words....the most awesome thing EVER!
    thank you.
    and i would like to address mary anne..
    mary anne- i love lonny and bar carts (have one) and wallpaper and michelle. in fact i would make out with her if i met her bc i am so in love with her efforts and her stlye. but every issue of lonny thus far has sort of blurred into the last. i just want her to switch it up a bit.
    and fyi it's RITA konig and this is her current bar cart: http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/08/inside-out-heres-to-cocktail-trays/
    your welcome.

  10. Mary Anne from MelbourneJune 24, 2010 at 10:22 PM

    Thanks Louise! Looking forward to the YHG sneak peaks!

    PS - I meant Rita Konig, not Nina above! Had Nina Campbell on the brain!

    Mary Anne

  11. Mary Anne from MelbourneJune 24, 2010 at 10:41 PM

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for correcting me on RITA! I was thinking I wrote NINA as I was feeding my baby just before - you just beat me to it!

    I follow Rita's Inside Out Columns so I've seen her bar cart...I was thinking of when she finishes decorating her new pad.

    I thought the last issue of Lonny wasn't as good as the last two, but I still think they put in an awesome effort for something that's not their full time jobs.

    Good night...it's been a long long day with two sick kids.

    Mary Anne

    Thanks Louise for letting us post our comments xoxo

  12. @ Mary Anne - At AU$150 a roll, I am guessing you'd want that paper hung correctly.

  13. I am a strong believer that there are no rules in decorating. It is the person living in the space who decides what is right for her or him....

  14. Ooops on the wallpaper, but then again it looks pretty good like this as well.. Bar carts/trays, rehashing and wallpaper fetish aside, I do love Lonny and think the mag is a fab initiative. Free for all and full of inspiration.

    xx Charlotta

  15. I still miss Domino. I don't think they would still be showing the same style they did back then, and I would love to have seen what they were coming up with these days.

  16. Are you kidding - bar carts, bookshelves and wallpaper - bring it on! In a world where alot of mags. are serving us up mediocre and over styled interiors, (especially in Aust.) Lonny is a breath of fresh air. KG

  17. Are you kidding - bar carts, bookshelves and wallpaper - bring it on! In a world where alot of mags. are serving us up mediocre and over styled interiors, (especially in Aust.) Lonny is a breath of fresh air. KG


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