06 June 2010

FOUND! Lotus Flower Chandelier

I don't mean to brag (actually, I do), but I'm kind of an expert at finding things on the internet. Which brings me to "Exhibit A": The much-commented-on pendant light in this post. Which, in turn, brings me to Exhibit B: The much-commented-on pendant light itself! Online! For you to buy! Over here at Vivaterra! PS They don't ship outside the US (boo!), so start making friends with an American if you're sitting there nodding along.
All images Vivaterra


  1. My Dad just bought one from a shop in Hall St Bondi!

  2. Haha - I went one better! I'm actually sitting on my bed looking at this chandelier (which hangs above it) as we speak! I fell in love with it online last year and tracked it down on the ground - I got it from Pomegranate Interiors in South Melbourne :-)

  3. Ooooh!
    Thanks for the Aussie tip offs, guys!
    Keep 'em coming!

  4. You are a genius Lou, thanks for schlepping around the (online) world searching for this...
    Your dedication to us followers goes above and beyond!

    Anonymous: Does your dad remember which store in Bondi?

    And Christy: Will give Pomegranate in South Melbourne a call in the hope that they still stock it!

    Failing that, may have to give my sis in Chicago a call....

  5. I suspect Pomegranate source them from Ruby Star Traders or Papaya which both operate out of Sydney - give them a google and a call if you don't have any luck with Pomegranate.

  6. This lamp is so beautiful....reminds me of the one on 9 by Design at the bungalow hOtel....!


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