21 June 2010

Cool website: Kylebunting.com

"Hide Artist", Kyle Bunting first came to my attention when I was putting together this post on the recently refurbished Victor Churchill Butcher (I call it "Harrods") in Sydney's Woollahra. As shown below, Kyle's "Jet Stream done in various dyed browns", and protected by glass, adorns the walls of the Victor Churchill kitchen.

You can understand why I had to know more. So I Googled him. Well. Kyle has worked exclusively in (animal) hide for almost a decade, and redefines "how hide can be used in interior applications". Does he ever (think rugs, wall coverings, upholstery, furniture and art). The man is a freakin' genius. Oh, and Kyle Bunting can be specified in any design, colour, and size for rug, wall covering and upholstery applications. PS Remember - if you have to ask how much it is? You probably can't afford it. Check it: 

Kyle's website can only be described as a trip you accidentally miss the last flight home from. Ooops! And his blog? Equally fabulous. Run, don't walk.

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