21 June 2010

And the winner(s) are...

This is exciting! I'm excited! So, firstly, an enormous thank you to all who entered the first official Table Tonic giveaway(s). I'd certainly like to find ways to spoil you all more often, so stay tuned! Now. 35 comments were left. 3 were double-ups. Which means 32 virtual tickets go in the hat. 8 of those retweeted or reblogged, so 40 virtual tickets went in the hat (still with me?). The last 8 names were repeats of the retweeters/rebloggers, in the order they left the comments. First draw is for a $60 csn gift voucher, the second is for a $60 Table Tonic online store gift voucher. Random number generator, do your thang!

 { CSN WINNER } Comment number 8 is the lovely Erika! Yay Erika!

{ TABLE TONIC WINNER } Comment number 15 (ignoring the double-up comments) is Beach Tropics! Woohoo!

Enormous congratulations to Erika and Beach Tropics - Girls, please email me for the deets. Thanks again to all of you who took the time to enter - there will be more where that came from, so better luck next time! xLouise


  1. Congratulations to both lucky winners! How exciting. Happy shopping girls!!

    x Charlotta

  2. Congrats girls...and thank you Louise for holding such a fab giveaway xo

  3. Yay, THANKS Louise, loving it!!
    Di x

  4. Yay, THANKS Louise, loving it!!
    Di x


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