31 May 2010

Table Tonic: The week in review

Things that I didn't love about last week:
1. Toddler got carsick and almost threw up in the car yesterday. Fortunately, she needed to wee, so it was the Shell service station who copped it. (I think this was god's' way of telling us Nintendo DSi XL's aren't for 2 year olds... Even whingeing ones.)
2. The relentless rain in Sydney. Wettest May in 7 years, apparently, resulting in many a "must build an ark" joke on Twitter (guilty!). PS Don't forget to follow Table Tonic on Twitter.
3. The new shipment of Moroccan Pouffes for my online store is proving elusive. Still waiting... Thanks to all who are waiting along with me so patiently. Won't be long.
4. Did I mention the rain? On the upside, the garden is looking swell!

Things that I loved about last week:
1. My new(ish) black ugg boots. Can't. Get. Enough.
2. Some very exciting Gold Moroccan Pouffe press in OK magazine here in Australia.
3. Husband got an iPad. Incredible technology. Jealous. Proved handy for "reading" Toy Story 2 with a bambino under each arm on a rainy Sunday arvo.
4. A comment left here on this very blog by "The Madonna of the interior decorating world" (that's how I described her to my husband), Anna Spiro.
4. And last night? Husband made the best Oxtail soup I am ever likely to taste (below). Carrots, turnips, parsnips, potatoes, green beans, red wine, beef stock, orange zest, a cinnamon quill.... Tastebuds were doing backflips (I went back for thirds).
5. Both children ate aforementioned soup with gusto. Toddler particularly loved it - even after diluting it with half a cup of weak Ribena (not shown).

Husband of Table Tonic


  1. omg will husband share his recipie?!

  2. A great idea to review all the comings and goings! That soup looks scrumptious......love that word! Hope this week is less eventful in the vomitting department! KG

  3. If I make the calculation more good than bad. Have a great week Louise xox

  4. How exciting about your "special comment"!!!
    I totally get that! You must have been jumping for joy? When Vickie Archer left me a comment a little while back, i almost flipped! How cool to be noticed by the Big Guns!!!

    Good for you! (..and me :-) )

    Northern Light


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