02 May 2010


"This series is based on Thomas Fuller’s statement "A book that is shut is but a block". Shelves are used as a typographic grid; books are considered for their shape and colour, rather than content. Building up the letters reminded me very much of typesetting, as every type made of coloured books had to be blocked with white books, just as it is done in letterpress, where large areas of white space are created by the wooden blocks called furniture." - Artist Amandine Alessandra. Found via Pan-dan, which I found via Weare1976.


  1. being a typesetter from the old days (where fonts were actually glass things you stuck in a typesetting machine - I was on the quadritek system) i love your comments and selection here. i know that makes me sound really old, but, i'm not. am I???

  2. Wonderful! Love it!
    Great find Louise.

    x Charlotta


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