12 May 2010

4 "creative spaces" you'll want to copy!

I'd like to share not one, but two well kept secrets with you all - The first is the wonderful blog A Diary of Lovely and it's spirited author and "owner" Helena, who says: "I started this blog back in August, I wanted to store all my inspirational images and ideas somewhere, and didn't want to overload my computer. Actually it was a private blog, and then I kind of forgot about it and posted maybe twice a month for... August... September... October... And then November came and I lost my job. I started blogging properly in December, daily, several times a day, and looking for a job, and then I was hooked. My first follower was at the end of December, oh my! Big excitement, trust me, huuuge! I was so happy! I've met some amazing ladies, and I totally love it!" It's a gorgeous little spot to stop and stay a while, so head on over to A Diary of Lovely and say hi. The second thing I just had to share is these wonderfully inspiring "office" spaces (found on A Diary of Lovely), which belong to the following creative geniuses:

 (above) British Fashion Designer Alice Temperly
 (above) "I'm not a Plastic Bag" Handbag Designer, Anya Hindmarch
 (above) Irish Fashion Designer Orla Kiely 

(above) Jane Sheperdson, CEO of UK womenswear chain, Whistles

Still want more? Of course you do! Head over to Everything Fabulous and take a tour of "Susanne Kasler's atelier in Atlanta" (below). Susanne is the Author of the much-blogged about "Inspired Interiors", which you can buy here. 


  1. Oh Goyard - I want you! And I love that cute yellow lamp in Jane Sheperdson's space.

  2. oh wow Louise I'm so touched!! Thank you so so much for your super sweet words! I'm truly honored! Thanks!!
    ps: I have been soooo obsessed with the Goyard bag, insanely!

  3. Helena is probably one of the nicest, warmest, chicest & sweetest person in the blogging world!! So nice to see your post about her...!! and her blog is full of inspiration (I am currently obsessing over her obsession series!!). BTW thanks for the mention you are always super nice!!

  4. lovely inspirations! i want a new creative space!

  5. I love the story of how Helena's blog evolved, I'm popping over to check out 'A Diary of Lovely' right now ;) thanks for sharing!

  6. Fashion designers have such fantastic spaces! I definitely want to copy!!

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