18 April 2010

Words on walls: You have been warned

The following post comes from, by far, the most entertaining decor blog in existence - If the Lampshade Fits, the author of which is Colorado-based Raina Cox. Solid gold. Love this post.

Dear Everyone on Planet Earth,
Stop it with the goddamn words on your walls. I don't care if they're vinyl decals, old movie marquee letters, or those crappy wooden plaques from TJ Maxx. DON'T DO IT. It's not cute, it's not clever. In fact, if I walk into your house and see "hope" or "imagine" or "dream" adorning your living room wall, I gonna put a cap in your ass. Ask Erin, Karly, or Molly - I have killer aim.
Hugs and inappropriate groping,

P.S. Man who owns the home in the photo above - I dig your cabinets.


  1. ...and the reason for not liking words? I understand the hatred of words such as "hope", "imagine", etc. You're right. It's not cute. It's not clever. But all words?

    I don't think this post is hilarious. I just think it's unnecessarily hateful.

  2. Here here!! I thought I was alone in my hatred for naff, "affirmations" adorning our living spaces... Thank goodness I'm not!

  3. Ha ha. I love this little rant. I feel lucky that I'm in the safe zone - no words around here! Raina is great - she's super kind and her blog is a good read!
    P.S. love those cabinets too...and the never-ending counter space.

  4. Well, it's a refreshing post and in the blogging world, that counts for a lot...

    Can I just say that image of the kitchen (units made out of Iroko wood?) is really something. The words 'EAT' do look out of place, so Raina Cox may be onto something. Personally, the word business is not my style - I would discourage a client of mine from doing that, but I have seen photographs or rooms where it kinda works.

    Also, I wish they'd put up some framed pieces of art up on those walls - a little bit of Saul Bass mixed up with charcoal sketches and something else would look pretty fab. (In my opinion...)

    Louise - I've just noticed that you've put me on your blog roll: Thank You!

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