17 April 2010

Table Tonic online store

Just a quick store update: The gorgeous Moroccan Poufs are finally here. You have the option of purchasing them filled ($195) or unfilled ($170) - Click here to have a squiz on tabletonic.com.au. Happy Shopping!

Table Tonic


  1. Oh Louise - these are divine! I love the pink and the silver. MUST order these for my home. xx

    Fabulous to see things are going so well. Shows that hard work always pays off!

    Kellie x

  2. Yeeeehaaaa! I will be kind enough to ask hubby for his opinion on colours and get back to you! Excited!

    I'm back in Melb in June so could purchase unfilled and then take back on the plane with me JOY!

    Oh and do you have plenty in stock? I would hate to miss out... should I order ASAP?

    Thanks Lou! x

  3. Thanks girls!
    I currently have 3 pink, 3 silver, 2 gold and 2 white (already sold one!).
    Hope that helps. x

  4. OH these are just FABULOUS. The gold is outrageous - in a totally good way!

  5. white or silver? Please advise. For the living room xoxo

  6. Hi Mrs Woog,
    White to be "safe". Silver to be "cool".
    Current stock of both white an silver are sold out(!), but more will be here in the next couple of weeks (damn volcanic ash!), so feel free to order. x


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