19 April 2010

Table Tonic in the Press!

It was a sunny afternoon in February. I was standing on the lawn of Bells at Killcare, sipping a cocktail at the gorgeous wedding of our friends Eric and Sacha. My phone rang. It was Genevra, the Fashion News Editor from InStyle magazine, and she wanted to shoot some of my Ikat cushions! Ohmygiddyaunt, SO exciting! And today, that issue hit the stands here in Australia...

Table Tonic
InStyle is so right on the money at the moment. The perfect mix of chic, affordable, creative and downright interesting. That Kerrie McCallum is one to watch. Oh, and one of the sweetest people on the planet!


  1. i was at the newsstand this weekend and i saw that! i was going to write you but i figured you already knew...so proud to know you!!!! go girl! ;)

  2. Excellent, good work! Wishing you a sunny, successful week.

  3. That's so great! Congratulations!

  4. Congrats, it's so hard to get press, so GOOD FOR YOU!!


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