12 April 2010

Lonny magazine: My favourite house tour (I think!)

Aaaah. If you haven't already, go get your fix of Lonny's fourth issue, which is finally "live", after what felt like an eternity! (I recently discovered the "view full screen" feature, and this, together with page turning by clicking the right arrow on your keyboard, make for an extremely pleasant experience). Ashley Putman's Houston mansion was, for me, a highlight. Beautifully done, and not too over the top... Alright, just a little.

What were your top picks, and is there anything you're suddenly lusting after since reading Lonny's fourth issue? For me? I want one of THESE!


  1. definitely me favorite too
    I too discovered the full screen feature today!

  2. Loving the new edition of Lonny. After flicking through I really want one of the birdhouses from MoMa. Just found you via Viv at ish and chi, happily reading through your gorgeous blog x

  3. I think this is their best issue yet! So many things to discover in each pic. I'm now lusting after the LOVE print from Ashley Putman's home!

  4. These images are divine.... I am going to go and have a look online for the full screen. It will be like being at the movies! I love your blog and have just joined... will be following! Gorgeous interiors for a Monday morning ..thankyou.
    Best wishes

  5. Love the blown out colours and the bold, graphic elements in this home. Pure inspiration!

  6. I love the use of colour in this house tour; it's great how they have balanced the deep blues and bright oranges with refreshing spaces (like the white kitchen). Swoon!


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