16 March 2010

Table Tonic online store

These Indian quilts were one of the very first things I decided to stock on tabletonic.com.au, and while it took them a while to come in, they were so worth the wait! I cannot tell you how soft they are. Yummy, huh? Each quilt is handmade in Rajasthan, India from premium, pre-washed (and hand block printed!) pure Indian cotton and filled with 100% cotton batting. And there's a different handmade block print on each side. The hand block printing technique actually dates back hundreds of years - each piece is hand printed by an artisan in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, with a hand carved teak wooden block. This block is pressed over and over again depending on how many colors and designs are in the print. Each quilt is 60 x 90 inches (153.5cm x 228.5cm) and they're $199 on my online store. Click here if you'd like a closer look.

Table Tonic


  1. yuuummmmyyyy!!! Now which one to get??

  2. Oh. So. Beautiful. I shed a little tear in its honor. The blue blew me away!


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