07 March 2010

Table Tonic online store


  1. Congratulations Louise, it looks amazing. I love your philosphy of high-end style on a realistic budget.
    I'm sure I'll be seeing you here quite often (and how cheeky are you opening early!!)
    Kerri x

  2. Yes, a big congrats Louise! I am 3 hours behind Oz here in KL and also noticed you couldn't wait until the clock ticked over the Monday the 8th! :)

    I shrieked with excitement when I saw the Moroccan Poufs coming soon! I have been lusting after these for a while now devastated that I can't find them in KL and haven't been able to find anyone that will ship internationally... see my blog post from 2 days ago http://tiedwithabouw.blogspot.com/2010/03/tickle-my-fancy-friday.html ... you are even going to stock the exact colours I want... yay! Will yours be similar to the John Derier ones I posted on my blog?

    Also, do you have a rough idea when you'll have them in stock? I am flying back to Melbourne next week (and am back every few months anyway) so thought I might have them sent to my Melbourne address and then have them send them over to KL myself...

    I can't see you getting much sleep as I am sure you are buzzing with excitement... enjoy the high!

    S x

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