05 March 2010

Table Tonic online store

Styling, or "tidying rooms" as I've affectionately renamed it, has always held a lot of appeal, which is lucky, because I've been doing a fair bit of it the last couple of days. Here are two more shots for my online store. And one day I promise to dedicate an entire post to the blue chair below - which we have 3 of. And they cost us a case of beer. It's a cracker of a story... Giant Vintage Suzani cushions (60 x 60cm) $120 and Baby Buntings, which come in 4 different designs, $59. PS I'll be shipping to Australia, NZ, Asia, USA, UK. PPS 3 more sleeps (gulp).

Table Tonic


  1. those are really lovely banners...they look so nice with the clean edges and taped tops.

  2. 2 days til the grand opening!! Cushions and buntings are beautiful, look forward to hearing the story about the blue chairs too.

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