04 March 2010

Table Tonic online store

I've wanted a Moroccan Wedding Blanket since, like, the minute I knew they existed, and apparently, they are just even more to-die-for in the flesh. It seems they are elusive little suckers though, unless you're, say, an interior designer. Or Molly Sims. Until now that is! And this, friends, is the essence of tabletonic.com.au. Bringing the decor "big guns" to your door at prices you might just love. Aaaaand... I've just ordered a bunch of Moroccan Wedding Blankets for my online store, including the 3 below. I know. Dying?

Table Tonic


  1. I just wet my pants..................... need one to survive. Add that to my list!

  2. Yahoo! I'm glad there'll be some whiteness at the store. I look forward to featuring it on White Cabana!

  3. Those are beautiful! You have inspired a post for my nuggets... And a new purchase!


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