26 March 2010

Table Tonic eBay edit: Cane

Here's my pick of the golden oldies doing the rounds on eBay right now (but be quick!). Today's theme is cane, and by George, there's a lot of it on eBay, good and not-so-good. I think the following pieces all have "good bones", and with a light sand, an under coat, and couple of coats of high gloss enamel in black, white or your favorite bright, they will be positively beaming. I've tried to include items from a few states - Here goes:

(above) Location: Greenwood, WA
Current price: $29.99
Ends: March 30, around 10pm

A fab Art Deco can setting from the 1950's (as the brown floral suggests!). These don't need painting, gorgeous as is. Crisp new cushion covers and they're good to go!
Click here to bid.

 (above) Location: Mona Vale, NSW
Current price: $60
March 31, around 3:30pm
2 gorgeous chairs and a coffee table. Just begging to be given the gloss red treatment! And again, split them up or it risks looking too suite-y.

(above) Location: Blacktown, NSW
Current price: $200
Ends: March 31, around 5:30pm
Kind of a shame this is listed as a set - I would split this set up into 3 components, ie use the 2 single seaters (or the double seater) in a living room,  and the occasional tables as bedside tables (or as they appear here as for coffee table). The cushions will need reupholstering, but well worth the cost. See if a friend (or two!) will go halves?

(above) Location: Samford, QLD 
Current price: $60
Ends: March 30, around 10:30am
Very solid and interesting pair of old cane chairs. Love. Would look fine with a coat of varnish and plain cream cushions, or go bright. Can't lose.


  1. You must have read my mind, I just picked up a three-piece cane setting five minutes ago. Will post before-and-afters soon.
    Have a great weekend,
    K xx


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