23 March 2010

Stylist Love: Sibella Court Part II

One word that always spring to mind when I think of Sibella Court's work is "nature", the very thing that makes her styling and interiors so unique, and sets her apart from the dozens of talented stylists doing the rounds. You'd be hard pressed to find a single piece of plastic in this apartment, which was recently featured here on design sponge, and with a fantastic accompanying article, which begins: "Imagine that there was a beautiful shop that was more like a gallery, and every three months would take on an entirely new theme, no detail would be left untouched, a 10-color color palette would be chosen, and everything inside would be curated to match. Even the color of the front door would change." Yup. That would be The Society Inc Sibella's Shop in Paddington. And this is her apartment upstairs:


  1. Love the elements of the unexpected in her work.
    K x

  2. I want to visit your country for many reasons, this one being one of the top three. I find her style endlessly fascinating.

  3. Sibella has a book out!! It is called Etc. And is full of her fascinating treasures with some divine words. Her ideas are very exciting, she is a true bower bird. I have the book at home, a fantastic birthday gift from my hubby.

  4. Beach Tropic - I've heard that too. Book Depository FINALLY have it in stock, I will have my mitts on a copy in a matter of days! SO Excited. Might have to sleep with it under my pillow...


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