02 February 2010

Ebay succes: 2 cane chairs and an upholstery dillemma

Bought these babies on eBay today. Happiness. Going to reupholster the cushions. A few options below, all from Aussie online store Kelani Fabric - please, let me know your preferences or suggestions! (I would also luurve any recommendations for good/reasonably priced upholsterers in Sydney...) PS Hoping I can get away with not painting them. I figure if I can find the right fabric, it might just work.


  1. Oh they are all lovely... I think it depends on where you will put them... I am leaning towards the Hollywood pink :)

    Look forward to seeing the end result! x

  2. i would paint them black or hot pink and use the zebra print or paint them black with the pink!!!

  3. i think, leave them as is and set them either side of a lovely hammered copper jug (the kind from copperart) filled with dried aussie natives. noice. nah but for serious I vote zebra with the cane painted teal.


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