29 January 2010

Art Deco lighting with a twist

Had what is commonly known as the perfect day today. I won't go into too much detail (yes it involved a mani/pedi), but had THE BEST lunch with my excellent friend, KM. This was my "Summer Salad":

This was KM's "Pork Roll" (OMGsogood): 

But THIS, my friends, is why we're here. The lights. Check it. Oodles of Art Deco fab-ness hanging from the ceiling in a posie of pastel prettiness:

Table Tonic


  1. Are you going to tell us where it is?!

  2. Ooopsies! It's The Avenue Cafe in Mosman. 185 Avenue Rd, Mosman NSW. (02) 9969 8999

  3. oh - that pork & apple sanga is the best - i work just up the rd & if my bf ever comes & has lunch with me we go there & get these! Yummo

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