30 December 2009

Stylish Homes: Josie Curran

When I think of a houseboat, I can't say this is the imagery that springs to mind, but oh how I wish it was. And it should be! Author Josie Curran lives on this houseboat on an island on the Thames with her boyfriend, their son Herbie, who was born on the houseboat in October, and Otter the dog. Yourlocalguardian.co.uk, which reported on the birth (read the article) explains: "The couple are in the middle of a 12-month experiment to investigate to what extent people can forage and be “semi-self sufficient” in a suburban environment. They set up a blog suburbanforagers.blogspot.com where they explained the idea was to search for food in suburban landscapes and garden their way to home grown suppers." Josie is the author of the book Organised Fun. Buy Organised Fun here (for Aussies), or buy Organised Fun here (on Amazon). You can visit her Organised fun blog here.


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