28 December 2009

Celebrity homes: Rachel Zoe

"Rachel Zoe's glass-walled, mid-20th-century home and studio she shares with husband, investment banker Roger Berman, overlooks Sunset Boulevard and is a vibe of minimal bohemian living. ‘My work life is really busy so this is my oasis where I can hang out with my husband. It’s also central, so it’s near my clients and the red carpet events they attend,’ says Rachel." - heartanddesign.blogspot.com P to the S Those dining room chairs? Fendi. FENDI! PPS There are 20 images below, people. This one could be for die hard fans only... PPPS As always, click on images to supersize.




All photographs by Richard Powers


  1. Don't love her place. Looks really impersonal. Like a hotel room.

  2. Mmmmmmm. I know what you mean. My guess is that certain "celebrities" keep the styling of their homes on the minimalside for shoots so as not to divulge too much..... maybe? Either that or perhaps she simply has too many homes and her personal belongings are spread a bit thin!


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