09 April 2014

ADORE: A (NEW NEW NEW!) Book of Colourful Interiors

Oooooooooooh it's here! It's here! It's here! Well. ALMOST.

ADORE is a beautiful soon-to-be-released hardcover coffee table book filled with colourful interiors and is the creation of Adore Home magazine editor Loni Parker.

And it's finally available for pre-order at Table Tonic ($49)!

Yes, this is the coffee table book Loni so cleverly "crowdfunded" (people pledged money, pre-ordering their copy, sight unseen!), raising over $35,ooo! And the result? Spec-TACULAR. Pre-order at Table Tonic ($49).
The book is divided into 10 chapters according to room type, with plenty of inspiration and eye candy to get your inner designer adorning. Adore breaks down why a room works and offers styling tips and colour theory facts you can file away for future DIY projects. Pre-order at Table Tonic ($49).
There's even a chapter on creative walls and entertaining to help you get the most out of your space. At the end of each chapter, a panel of homeowners and interior designers share their helpful hints and words of wisdom on a whole gamut of decorating topics. Pre-order at Table Tonic ($49).
ADORE pre-orders will be dispatched mid May, so click here to pre-order your copy ($49)!

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