11 March 2014

INSTA-TONIC: The Instagram (look-what-I-bought!) files

Share your TT purchase with Table Tonic on Instagram by using the hashtag #tabletonic on your photo. If you do? THIS MIGHT HAPPEN:

(above) Who: @scandicoasthome
What: The Coral Simpatico Hobnail Candle $49)
(above) Who: @featherhorse_
(above) Who: @jennaisaacman
 (above) Who: @studioatelier
 (above) Who: @kindredspirits
 (above) Who: @a_life_edit
What: Small Uashmama Bags in Gold/Brown ($28) and Brown ($24)
 (above) Who: @nicoles_87
(above) Who: @janeynicko
What: A Mexican Suzani ($399) used to cover a lampshade - and as framed wall art!

Last but not least, this one arrived by email:

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