31 January 2014

TT Beauty Spotlight: 5 products I use every day

And when I say "use every day". I mean EVERY DAY. I'm loving each of these guys as much as my own children right now. Can't get enough.

(Clockwise from left): 
Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes: Every Dermalogica Regimen is based upon the foundation of the "double-cleanse" and I'm a bit of a fan of that. These are not only clean-freak-crack, but they are new new new! Click to buy.

Byredo Seven Veils: Warning: Reading Scandinavian Design Blogs will have you "decorating" your bedside table with a bottle of Byredo Perfume faster than you can say "White floorboards or bust"! I took myself to Mecca Cosmetica, smelled them all and this was the clear winner. Click to buy.

By Terry Hyalauronic Summer: Also from Mecca, the perfect, terracotta-y brown bronzer in a creamy mousse-like formulation. Not at all pink. I use it on my hairline, temples, cheeks (pre-blush) and nose. Winning. Available in store only from Mecca Cosmetica, but click to Google.

Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate: I first tried this wonder product when I worked for Cosmopolitan Magazine and it was launched almost a decade ago. I recently revisited it after being given a tiny sachet with a Kiehl's online order and am equally as smitten as I was back then. Great for refining (translation: smoothing the shizzles out of) skin texture. Click to buy.

Kevin Murphy Hair Resort: My hairdresser/Goddess (Justine from Studio Q in Sydney's Bilgola) has put me onto a few Kevin Murphy products since I started wearing my hair wavy again, and I am a CONVERT. Hair Resort ticks so many boxes - definition, movement, texture, de-frizzer... Smells ace pops too. Click to buy.

I have to give  special shout out to Adore Beauty. They have free shipping on all orders within Australia, a huuuuge range of brands and are my go-to for all Dermalogica and any random products I can't make it into a store to buy. Oh, and the fact that they include a Tim Tam in the box with your order? SOLD!

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