20 January 2014

INSTA-TONIC: The Instagram (look-what-I-bought!) files

Share your TT purchase with me on Instagram by using the hashtag #tabletonic on your photo. If you do? THIS MIGHT HAPPEN:

Who: @issywilliment "My new addition"
Hashtag: #hippychicness
Who: @myfabulousdesign "Absolutely loving my gorgeous new juju hat!! I think I need more!"
Hashtag: #everywallshouldhaveone
Who: @woodboxorganics88 "Love my new rope cushion"
What: The White Rope Ampersand cushion ($89)
Hashtag: #30percentoffallcushions
Who: @melnbuzz "7 sleeps to go! Excitement!"
What: The White Embroidered Clutch ($22)
Hashtag: #theultimatebitsandpiecesbag
Who: @0leerickson "Baby room prep..."
What: The Sanouk Storage Tub ($24)
Hashtag: #stylishstorage

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