15 January 2014

INSTA-TONIC: The Instagram (look-what-I-bought!) files

Who: @jennaisaacman Jenna owns and runs fab the Bondi boutique Me and Moo with her Mum Lyndi.
What: The Mirrors & Bells Clutch ($29).
Hashtag: #makesakilleripadcase
Who: @tashsefton Tash is one half of (fashion blog) They All Hate Us
Hashtag: #soabsorbentitcouldsoakuptheentireocean
Who: @harleyandsoo Davina runs gorgeous kids clothing store Harley and Soo (that's them above!)
Hashtag: #freedeliveryonallttrugs
Who: @captainandthegypsykid Sheree Commerford is one of those divine creative types who just nails it (everything, really) every time. Bookmark her Captain and the Gypsy Kid blog and check out her creative juices on Lveland.
What: Our oh-so-nautical Ambergris range by Simpatico - Shop the Bubble Bath, Hand Cream and soap.
Hashtag: #whalesarethenewowls
Who: @dandymoon An Interior Design student (with an AWESOME instagram account!!!) went to dinner with some friends AND THIS HAPPENED! 
What: (clockwise from left) Blue Bird Clutch ($22), Embroidered Black Clutch ($22), Mirror & Bells in Pink/Black ($39)
Hashtag: #themorethemerrier

Aaaaand you can follow me on Instagram - @tabletonic

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