22 November 2013

NEW! Shop the "Piccolo" Uashmama at Table Tonic!

The definition of CUTE just got redefined. Introducing the Uashmama "Piccolo" ($12-$14). Are you dying? I'm dying. The Uashmama (wash-mama) bags look just like leather but are infact made from washable, super-strong paper! 
(above) Oooooh so teeny tiny! 
 (above) L-R Saffron, Mud, Silver, Black, White (also available in Grey and Brown). Metallics are $14 each and the plain colours are $12 each. Glass bottle $4 each from Table Tonic Avalon.
(above) Stoppit. #morecute
(above) Here we demonstrate two of the 117 uses for the Piccolo Uashmama Bags. The other 115 uses includes storing paperclips, hair ties or bobby pins, cotton balls, toothpicks, bay leaves... 
Click to shop the full range of Uashmama (wash-mama) at Table Tonic. They come in 5 sizes, 8 colours and are THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR ANYONE!

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