17 September 2013

JUST IN: Vintage Turkish Kilim Rugs at TT

Floors everywhere just bust into spontaneous applause. And for good reason! These pure wool Vintage Turkish Kilim Rugs JUST LANDED! In store and online now.

(above) "Blaze" - $499 (1.8m x 1m)

(above) "Ammy" - $1299 (2.6m x 1.8m)

 (above) "Indhi" - $1299 (2.5m x 1.46m)

(above) "Joaquin" - $499 (1.8m x 1.15m)

 (above) "Patsy" - $1299 (3.25m x 1.75m)

(above) "Tusk" - $599 (2.3m x 0.95m)

(above) "Dolly" - $499 (1.8m x 1m)

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